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August 13, 2014
By Just Me

Eww Eww Eww!!!

I have been using Ahh-Some cleaner monthly in a rental for years and never had that WOW moment because it kept the pipes clean. I just bought a house that is about 10 years old with a beautiful looking jacuzzi. I ran hot water through and it appeared fine. Then I added Ahh-Some. EWWW!!! I have never seen so much gross stuff. The black and brown flakes shooting out of the jets were HUGE and the tub was filled with them. I almost barfed as I reached my hand in to drain the water. Yes, it really was that bad. I ran the tub through several cleanings as this stuff peeled away 10 layers of buildup. I looked on their website and found instructions on a super purge.

I finally have a tub that I feel comfortable using. I will be using this stuff at least monthly to maintain the pipes. The package is small, but lasts a while because a little goes a long way. I won’t use a jacuzzi without running this stuff through first. Yes, it even goes on with me when I stay at a hotel with jetted tubs. If you run it through and don’t have that wow moment, consider yourself lucky that you have a well maintained tub.

March 14th, 2015
Grant from Vancouver, BC, Canada

“The Ahh-Some Analogy”
In order to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease most of us visit a dental hygienist regularly to have the “plaque” (good and bad bacteria) scraped and removed. Similarly … Ahh-Some ” a super powerful concentrated nano/surfactant gel acts like trillions of microscopic knives and /or jackhammers and scrapes away at the “onion/ skin like” layers of plaque or “biofilm” which is “glued to the plumbing…just like it is to our teeth “it’s then released as scum bubbles or “planktonic biofilm.” Use Ahh-Some whenever you change your water …the same reason we pay a Dental Hygienist to remove the plaque from our teeth and gums….We can prevent a lot of problems!!

Recommendations: Whenever you drain your spa use no more than 1 tsp/ 500 litres. Remove spa pillows and the filter(s) For best results…. leave the treated water over night and put the pump on high speed several times ( the velocity of the water will help the Ahh-Some strip the plaque (biofilm) from the plumbing walls) … Then…Remove the “scum bubbles ” or “planktonic biofilm” that should appear in a few minutes. Use a wet/dry shop vac or hand skimmer …and a sponge while wearing disposable gloves. Wipe the plaque from the walls of your hot tub or jetted bath tub right away as it will start to glue itself to the walls again and become more difficult to remove. (Suggestion: Mix 1/16th of a teaspoon of Ahh-Some gel in a spray bottle with water to produce an effective shell cleaner!) Fill your spa …balance and treat your water …and enjoy the most Ahh-Some spa water ever!!! For Jetted Baths, use ½ TSP every month in hot bath water. Run the jets, drain, and wipe sides after spraying with spray bottle. (For heavily used jetted baths use 1/3 TSP every 2 weeks.) For Dish washers remove dishes and use ¼ TSP every 2 weeks. Place in the dispenser, run the short/hot cycle. For Washing Machines, Remove clothes, use ¼ TSP every 2 weeks. Pre dissolve in hot water and put in the dispenser. Run the short/hot cycle.
You know the benefits and the feeling of super clean teeth after the Dental Hygienist treatment …it’s the same in your spa…The benefits are extraordinary! ….and the feeling is AhhSome!!!

Use Ahh-Some and enjoy “Cleaner…Clearer water. It’s the Ultmate Solution and KEY to a TRULY AHH-SOME Hot Tub…Jetted Bath…Pedicure bath…Dishwasher… and/or Washing machine!!!!

As the owner of two Hot Tub Showrooms, with 37 years of experience in the hot tub industry… I feel that after approx. 8 months of offering Ahh-Some to our customers (over 500 jars of ahh-some purchased so far!) I’d like to share that our customer feedback… overwhelmingly is that they “love Ahh-Some” and what it’s done to dramatically improve their spa experience! Many customers have used as little as a quarter of a teaspoon in their dishwashers and washing machines eliminating odors and seeing “ sparkling clean wine glasses” etc. (my wife and I have experienced this for ourselves first hand)

It’s important to understand that if plaque is not removed and allowed to grow … the risk is greater for a harmful bacteria to attach itself to the plumbing as it can to our teeth …that is of course if we don’t brush.. floss.. and see our dental hygienist regularly. Think of Ahh-Some as “the hygienist for your dishwasher, washing machine, jetted bath and hot tub”. I highly recommend that you try Ahh-Some …It’s incredible value… and is totally “Ahh-Some”!!!

March 27th, 2014
Judy from Nashville, Tennessee

Jerry, thanks for your assistance and your patience in answering my questions. I’ve been trying to find a solution for the little specs of gunk that have been showing up in my hot tub, and the guy at our local retailer was no help at all. But Ahh-Some really did the trick. My water is crystal clear, just as you said it would be. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

March 14th, 2014
Dan from Enfield, Connecticut

Thanks so much Jerry!! As always, your customer service is top-notch and your product truly is “Ahh-Some”.

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