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Now There’s Proof!

The results of the Montana State University tests are in, and when it comes to clean water, the clear winner is Ahh-Some!

Initial Testing

The first round of testing pitted Ahh-Some against three competitive products – Sea Klear Spa System Flush, SwirlAway, and Aqua Finesse Spa Out. Simply put, Ahh-Some blew away the competition.

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First Round Test Results

Secondary Testing

The second round of testing compared Ahh-Some against Natural Chemistry Spa Purge. Once again, the results were decisive, indicating that Ahh-Some was “over 5,000 times more effective” than the competition.

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Secondary Testing

An inside look at how we weigh, seal and cap the Ahh-Some containers for 100% satisfaction.

Biofilm is key to reducing Legionnaires' Disease

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*This article is placed with permission from Marcelle Dibrell, Managing Editor of Service Industry News in an effort to afford this information to hot tub, swim spa and pool owners.

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