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About Unique Solutions, Inc.

Unique Solutions, Inc is a privately owned Florida company that manufactures cleaning products for the recreational water and appliance industries. Jerry Parker Sr., the president, started his career in the pool & hot tub industry in 1969 after graduation from college. Jerry is widely known and respected in the industry by his peers. The name, Unique Solutions, says it all! Jerry chose that name because what his company manufactures are very unique products. Unique Solutions is heralded as the #1 company for bio-contamination products that aid in the removal of non-public health biofilms and slime-forming microorganisms from plumbing systems. Unique is the manufacturer of Ahh-Some Hot Tub & Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner and Ahh-Some Swimming Pool Water Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner to name a few. Unique Solutions is a company that understands the myriad of problems that bio-contamination can cause.

Unique Solutions, Inc is also a private label manufacturer for many other brands that compete in the cleaning categories. Unique markets it’s vast array of products all over the world, with America, Canada and the U.K. being the largest trading areas. ALL of Unique’s products are manufactured in the good old USA using 100% of the ingredients sourced from US manufacturers. Jerry is not looking for the cheapest prices on supplies as he is only interested in creating the best product in it’s class.

You can see the many reviews and testimonials on Unique’s products. Jerry and his team of professionals are only interested in making sure that you, the consumer, are overwhelmed with their products. In some cases, people are not always happy. Jerry wants to know this and will refund your entire purchase price. The most important thing for Jerry and Unique is it’s reputation. This is why we are giving you Jerry’s personal cell #. It is 860-798-3198. He will answer your call seven days a week 365 days a year to help you with an issue or provide advice that he has gleaned for over 50 years in this crazy industry. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to serve you.

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*This article is placed with permission from Marcelle Dibrell, Managing Editor of Service Industry News in an effort to afford this information to hot tub, swim spa and pool owners.

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